Hike Mosier Plateau Trail


The Columbia River Gorge is full of hidden gems, especially ​for new folks like me. I just found out about this little trail right in the middle of Mosier Oregon.

The trail is great for new hikers, and if you have some friends visiting this would be the perfect trail to take them on if they don’t have a ton of time to visit. Once you are finished with the trail there is a great little restaurant right near the parking lot for the trail. Its called Mosier Company. Totally worth stopping in for a bite to eat. Hood River is a few miles away and there is no shortage of amazing breweries there.

Enough about food and beer for now.


Take the Mosier Exit from I-84 and follow it downtown. It’s not hard to find. Mosier is no giant city. Driving towards town you will see a totem pole on the left side. Just past this is public parking. Once you’ve locked your doors head down the little gravel road towards the train tracks. To your right you will see a little sign directing you to the trail head. Follow the gravel road east until you see the bridge.


You will cross the bridge and there will be a bench located on the right side of the bridge and that will be the start of the trail. For the first half mile or so you will be walking along the river. There is a nice size waterfall so be sure to stop and check it out. The trail will start to head up the hill to your left and then begins the switchbacks for a bit, but like I said this is a mellow trail. These are the nicest switchbacks I’ve experienced. Once you have reached the top you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the gorge. Be sure to stick to the trail best as possible. The terrain is delicate and this will prevent erosion and possible invasive species can be brought in.


Have fun out there!


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