Hike to Green Mountain Lookout Washington


Written by Garrett Schmidt

Hike to Green Mountain Lookout, Washington

Green Mountain was one of the most popular hikes in Washington for years, but in 2006 a major washout damaged the trail for about eight years, which was enough time to make the the masses forget about the trail. In 2014, the trail was finally finished to allow access by to the trail head. To date, the trail is in excellent condition, as well as the service road to get there. Anyone with a car should have no problem reaching the top, however you won’t be able to speed up the mountain.

The trail starts out fairly easy in a lush forest with old growth trees. The forest clears after about a mile, giving you stretching views views of the valley. Then begins the switchbacks through tall brush. The last two miles really start to kick your butt. Switchbacks turn into a straight up hike to the peak. The altitude can wear you out, but keep pushing. The views at the top are amazing. On a clear day you can see Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, and many other peaks of the North Cascades.

Make sure your bring some warm clothing while at the top to spend time enjoying all that you’ve earned. We took along a fresh loaf of bread, cheese, and some salami, which totally hit the spot after that long hike.

Please reference Washington Trail Association for a more in-depth review before you hike. Also, don’t forget to leave it how you found it!

Gear List

  • Trekking Poles – This is a very steep hike. The elevation gain is about 3200′ over the 4.25 miles. We recommend either the REI Flash Carbon Trekking Poles (our friend did the PCT with these and they made it the whole way without getting damaged or breaking) or the Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles.
  • Puffy Jacket – Puffy jackets are perfect for any hike, so light and compressible. I use my Patagonia Down Sweater pretty exclusively. I used to work for them so I got some great deals on clothing. I like their business practices and their conscious effort to reduce the impact with their manufacturing, so I will continue to promote them.
  • Camera – I bring my camera on every rock climbing and hiking trip, which makes a light camera a must. I will never sacrifice quality, especially for big prints, so I shoot the Sony a7rii. However, no, you don’t need an expensive camera to go outside and capture the moment. I started with a Gopro. This is just where I am at now.
  • 10 Essentials – The WTA lays it out perfectly.
Nice rest area before hiking up to the lookout.
Dogs are excited about this hike too.
About half way up looking down at what you have accomplished so far.
Glacier Peak was “Peaking” out for us.
This is me on a rock, a pretty large rock.
The red colors look painted on right now.
Not much to say except The North Cascades.
Look out tower on Green Mountain.
Dogs are leading the way.
The sun is on its way down as well.

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