Hike to Panorama Point, Washington


Written by Garrett Schmidt

Hike to Panorama Point, Washington

Panorama Point is one of those hikes that will make a lasting impact on your life. You start out at the Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise. Yes, Paradise is the name the location. It’s more than just a clever name. From there you march toward the giant mountain in front of you. The hike is short and paved for the most part which is kind of a turnoff for me, but eventually it does turn into rock and dirt. Just under 7000′ sets the look out point. On a nice clear day you can see Mt. Hood in Oregon. You do get greeted by two other peaks in the distance, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. You can actually watch the sunset on all of them, but turn your attention behind you. Mt. Rainier is literally to your back. This hike can be enjoyed in every season, just prepare yourself during the winter. Avalanche danger is very real.


Exploring meadows on the way up to Panorama Point.
Looking back on the trails hiked, and the Nisqually River.
Taking in the views at sunset on Panorama Point.
Sunset on Mt. Adams from Panorama Point.
Early morning snow hike up to Panorama Point.
Views of the Mt. Adams during the winter season.
Lonely hiker on his way up to Panorama Point.







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